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Rules and Regulations


  • Entries are accepted from students who are presently studying and living in Singapore.   

  • Professional actors are not eligible to participate.  

  • Contestants' ages are calculated based on their age in 2021 regardless of month.  E.g. if you’re born in 2012, you are considered to be in the 9 year old category regardless of whether you are born in January or December.  

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  • Contestants can take part in any number of competitions as long as they fit the age criteria.

  • Each contestant must fill out and complete an initial registration form that can be found on this website. 

  • After receiving the initial registration form, we may contact eligible contestants to provide additional details such as :  

       - Information about themselves

       - A recent headshot photograph in JPEG format : High Resolution, minimum 300dpi.           

       - The link to your audition reel  

       - Payment details of entry fee  

  • All forms must be completed in full. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.  

  • All hard-copy forms must be signed by a parent or guardian if the contestant is under 18 years old. 

  • The deadline for submission of registration forms is 19th May 2021, 6 PM.   

  • The entry fee for each competition is  SGD10.00 per contestant, before GST.  

  • For all cheque payments, they should be made payable to “MindChamps Académie of Stars Pte Ltd”.  

  • Payment can be via Paynow (UEN 202038518G) or bank transfer (OCBC Account Number : 601-395403).

  • All competitions are in English only.  

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1. Auditions are strictly through video submission. Participants are required to send in a video of themselves performing their competition piece.  

2. Participants are required to use this same piece for the stage finals if shortlisted.  

3. Record a short self-introduction that states name, age, school and the title of the piece before the performance. 

4. Please adhere to the duration of the piece as required in the competition category.  

5. Choose pieces that are appropriate to age and gender-specific.  

6. Record your performance of the competition piece and upload your video to YouTube. UNLIST your video and send the link together with the completed registration form to [email protected] 

7. Finalists will be notified by 20th May 2021.  

8. You will grant permission for the videos submitted to be used for marketing purposes by the organisation for the competition.  

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Judging, Awards and Prizes

  • There will be at least three members in the panel of judges. The organisers reserve the right to substitute judges as necessary.  

  • Judges’ decisions are final and may not be revoked.  

  • Contestants will be judged according to standards of technical skill and entertainment value set out in each category.

  • All performances, scripts, costumes and behaviour must be decent and appropriate. Indecent costumes, foul, vulgar and indecent language are not allowed.  

  • Any performer or parent of a performer displaying unacceptable conduct (e.g. harassment of organisers or staff, profane language, abusive treatment etc.) may, at the discretion of the organiser or Judges, be disqualified.  

  • Photography and videography are not allowed during the competition.  

  • Best Actors will offer Young Champs Agency the first right to represent them exclusively for at least one year.  

  • Young Champs Agency reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the event. All Information stated above are accurate as of time of printing.  

Judging Criteria

Judging criteria for all categories.

Monologue Challenge

(Junior / Primary / Youth)

  • All monologues should be in English.  

  • Please state the title and writer of the piece before the performance.  

  • For the finals, you will be given 2 chairs to be used if needed for your monologue.

  • There is no need to be in costume.

  • Props are allowed if necessary for the scene.  

  • No other sets are allowed. Time is given only to place the 2 provided chairs on the stage.  

  • You will be given 20 seconds to prepare.

  • Points will be deducted if you do not meet or exceed the stipulated duration for the performance.  

  • The Best Actor Award in a Monologue

      (Junior / Primary / Youth) will be given to

      the highest scorer in each category.  

Original Monologues

*This is a writing competition and not an acting competition. The criteria is based on originality and content and not on delivery. *

  1. Write an original monologue in English .  

  2. When acted out , the monologue must not be more than 3 minutes in duration.  

  3. Submit your script with a declaration that “ This is my original monologue and I did not plagiarise it “ , a title , your name and send it to [email protected] with the email subject: Original monologue by YOUR NAME.  

  4. Each monologue submission is subjected to a $10 entry fee for the competition. You can submit as many entries as you like, but only one will be selected.  

  5. Monologues are to be typed out on an A4 document in PDF format and sent as an attachment, not in the body of the email.  

  6. Upon shortlist, the monologue is to be performed as an acting piece and not read.  

  7. The writer need not be the actor.  

  8. The Award for winning monologue is received by the writer .  


This is a group performance of a script written for 3-8 actors.  

  • The script can be original or published, but must be in English.  

  • Select scripts where each actor will have about an even number of lines to speak.  

  • The organisers will provide 2 chairs as part of the set. Any extra set required will need to be provided by the participating team.  

  • Each team will be allowed 30 seconds to set up. After the performance, the team will be responsible to restore the stage to its default conditions. 

  • Judging is based on acting and not on the quality of the script. However, it is advisable to select a script with a good storyline with positivity and good values.  

  • Scripts have to be submitted with the audition video for approval.

  • The Awards for this segment include: Best Ensemble Act and Best Actor in An Ensemble. 

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